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The Sun : the star of the day

The Sun : the star of the day

Date : 3 Mai 2019

Today it is Sun Day, but could you tell us where is it? With this endless winter, we can not wait for it to get out of its camouflage mode and feel his warmth on our skin and all around us!

Until it brings us the spring that we all want, here are 5 interesting facts about the star of the day:

1 - Its temperature is 5500 degrees Celsius on its surface.
So, do you find it hot in the summer?

2 - It stimulates our immune system.
By exposing a few minutes a day to UVB (which contains a lot of vitamin D) one would become less vulnerable to infections and microbes.

3 - It would curb obesity and reduce the symptoms of type 2 diabetes.
Studies suggest that prolonged exposure to sunlight would slow down the development of obesity and reduce the symptoms of type 2 diabetes (provided adequate sunscreen is provided).
A good reason to skip the gym and take a sunbath!

4 - Even if it is a star, there are storms on it. 
Yes, an erupting volcano is nothing compared to solar flares that are so strong that they can cause magnetic incidents on Earth (like on March 12th).

5 - Our pets love it.
Indeed, as soon as the sun comes out the end of his nose, it is not long that we can observe them rush to the window where the patio door to bask happily. In short, our 3 stars of our TV ads love it!

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