How to Maintain and Repair Your Damaged Door or Window Screen

How to Maintain and Repair Your Damaged Door or Window Screen

Date : 14 Juin 2019 | Source : Canadian Tire

Summer is here and nothing can make us more happier than being able to enjoy the fresh air in our home by opening our doors and windows. It is often at this point that we noticed that our screens are dirty or damaged.

So here are our simple tips for maintaining and repairing your screens yourself:

Maintenance Your Screen with Soapy Water

Sometimes the vacuum cleaner is not enough to remove the dirt embedded in your screen. You just need soapy water and a garden hose for a simple and effective cleaning. Lay the screen on a plane surface. Start with a good watering without excessive pressure to avoid damaging it. Combine 3 liters of hot water with dish soap for an effective cleaning solution. If your screen is very dirty, add a little ammonia. Spray, then leave for a few minutes. Rub gently, rinse and let it dry.

Repairing Your Screen in Less than 30 Minutes

Small holes
It is always better to repair small holes before the damage requires more work, like a complete change of the mesh. Straighten the broken wires and use clear nail polish or silicone adhesive to stick it all together.

Standard holes
There is a big hole in your screen, but you do not want to completely change the mesh? No problem.
Cut the strands damaged, take a new piece of rectangular wire mesh a little bigger than the hole. Using a tweezer, pull the edge threads, bend them for a right angle and then install the piece by threading the threads into the stitches. Cover the edges with nail polish or silicone adhesive for added strength.

Complete replacement
Your screen has several major holes? Change it yourself by following these easy steps!
Using a screwdriver, remove the screen spline in the grooves of the frame and remove the damaged screen.
Place the new fence on the frame, letting it protrude on each side, then cut off the excess.
Push the spline into the grooves using a spline roller starting at a corner. Tighten the net well during the process for a fold-free installation.
Cut the excess and you're done!

Need to see how to do it? Watch this video that explains each step of the repair.

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