The benefits of natural light: more than a trend

The benefits of natural light: more than a trend

Date : 23 Août 2019 | Source : Concerto Windows

In recent years, optimizing the natural light throughout its environment is a trend greater than ever in the area of windows and doors. And for good reason, it is proven that it brings many benefits for our physical and psychological health, in addition to highlighting the interior of our home.

Here are some benefits of natural light that demonstrate why this trend is here to stay.

Stimulates your body and your mind
It is scientifically proven that the presence of natural light awakens our cognitive abilities, thus improving our performance considerably. Its presence in workspaces becomes essential to our productivity and more and more employers realize it by maximizing the natural lighting in the office.

Similarly, by its vitamin D intake and its stimulating action on the production of serotonin in the brain (hormone of energy and happiness), natural light improves mood, reduces fatigue, insomnia and anxiety. Not for nothing that many fight the seasonal depression by a holiday in the Caribbean, it is a perfectly normal need!

Promotes energy efficiency
Natural light is just as good for our home because it can save a lot of energy by using passive solar energy from the sun. The integration of insulating glazings such as low-E glass is a decisive asset for this purpose. In the summer, it will reflect the heat outside and keep the heat of the rays inside the winter.

Convinced? Here are some simple ideas to help you optimize the natural lighting of your home:

  • Optimize the natural light in rooms where you spend a lot of time.
  • Divide the light into multiple windows by creating new openings.
  • Consider the color of the walls and the floor covering, as they mainly determine the amount of light scattered and opt for a satin or gloss finish paint, mainly on the ceiling to reflect the incoming light.
  • Install mirrors to reflect the light of day.

These benefits of natural light can explain the significant increase in construction favoring openings in the public and residential sector, in addition to promoting the eco-responsibility of buildings.

Ask your nearest Concerto Dealer now to effectively maximize the natural lighting in your home.

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