8 Useful Accessories for Energy Savings in Your House

8 Useful Accessories for Energy Savings in Your House

Date : 10 Décembre 2019 | Source : Mur à Mur

Nobody can refuse a lower electricity bill.

To complete our previous article 7 tips to reduce your heating bill at cheap cost, we offer 8 really useful accessories for energy savings in your home.

1- Thermal Leak Detector
Il will help you track down power-draining drafts of your home, no matter the location.

2- Programmable Thermostats
Heat your home according to your needs and reduce your energy consumption simply by avoiding overheating some unused rooms. Just program the temperature room by room, day and night, depending on your presence at home.

3- Smart Thermostats
Expensive, but so easy and convenient to use. Thanks to its detectors and GPS system connected to your phone, it modulates the temperature according to your comings and goings, in addition to programming the heating according to your lifestyle.

4- Smart Blinds
You can program them to open and close according to your needs or depending on the outdoor lighting.

5- Smart Plugs
Many electrical appliances consume energy even when they are off or on standby mode. The smart plugs will allow you to see a difference on your electricity bill and some will also allow you to see the amount of energy consumed by your devices.

6- Light Bulbs with Motion Sensor
Practical for little used rooms, such as corridors, stairs, the entrance and even the outside, where we often forget to close the lights.

7- Solar Lights
Useful to illuminate the yard without any concern.

8- Smart Light Bulbs and Timers
Smart programmable light bulbs can be controlled from your phone and timers will save you a lot of light time. Perfect for Christmas lights and outdoor or indoor lights, especially when you're away.

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