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9 inspiring Christmas window decorations

9 inspiring Christmas window decorations

Date : 20 Décembre 2019 | Source : Marie Claire

Christmas decoration is so much more than decorating the tree. Bringing a warm and festive touch to your windows is a beautiful, inspiring idea.

Several factors are to be considered to create an important decorative corner that will reflect the atmosphere you want to create (the size of its windowsill, its surface area, its structure, etc.).

Follow these inspirations for a successful window decoration for Christmas:

1- Install the tree in front of the window
2- Place several candles in front of the window
3- Hang Christmas balls on the window
4- Opt for an aerial decoration with pine branches
5- Hang a Christmas wreath on the window
6- Accumulate small decorations on the windowsill
7- Heat the window sill with mismatched candles
8- Opt for a big Christmas star
9- Hang light garlands on the window

To see each of the inspirations in pictures, see the full article by Marie Claire here (french only).

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